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So I’ve decided to start blogging about web design and development. Look out!

One reason for doing so is that I love both web design and web development, and have started to want an outlet for this love. Let’s face it: no one at dinner wants to hear about the new version of Wordpress, or the latest CSS trick I figured out. But perhaps there are folks out there on the “intertubes” who do? Well, I know there are, because these “folks” are me. So I hope to have this conversation with other web geeks here.

The other reason, and perhaps the largest impetus for actually re-vamping my site to allow for a blog, is that I want to give back to the “intertubes”. Every time I run into a strange IE bug, or need to figure out how to modify a Drupal View just so, I search on Google for it. And I find the answers on the countless blog and forums that make the Internet such a great resource. It’s time to stop simply “taking” from this resource, and start adding to it. The Internet is great because of how many people contribute to it, so I figure I should do my and contribute so it stays great. :)

So watch this space for web design and development tips, tricks, how-tos, tutorials, rants and all things inter-web. Don’t look for Chili Pepper Design news here – that goes on the front page of this website. Also, don’t look for personal posts and updates here, I have a personal blog for all that over at This space is just for seriously nerdy web stuff.

So wish me luck on this whole “giving back to the Internet” thing, and I’d love to hear what you think about any of my posts so feel free to comment – I’ll try my best to get back to you.